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Nikos Siolios 1998

Some useful Freeware-Shareware Programs that you can find in Internet:




Shareware/ Freeware

WinZip **** File Compression sure you know about it Shareware-never expires
Image utilities
ACDSee **** Image Viewer If you don't have it take it now. Shareware-never expires.
Hypercam ** Video screen capture captures your screen and your voice into avi files! Shareware-never expires
Video- Audio utilities
RealPlayer RealAudio/Video Player I haven't try other than this Freeware
WinAmp Mp3 Player Audio Player. Plays compressed audio MPEG Shareware-never expires.
CDDA extractor Music CD extractor Make MP3 directly from a CD Shareware-never expires-but nags.
CoolWave Wave Editor Very good for Shareware Shareware-only some features work together
Internet utilities
WS-FTP LE ** FTP client the traditional Freeware (limited edition)
GetRight *** Downloader supports resuming Shareware-never expires (but many nag screens)
NetVampire Downloader supports resuming. Freeware
WebDownloader Off-line Browser very small Freeware
MSIE cashe explorer Cashe Explorer   Shareware-expires after 1 month
WetSock Weather The weather at any airport around the world Shareware-never expires
WebFerret Searcher Searches 10 search engines. Very easy to use. Does not uses the Browser! Freeware
Disk-File utilities
FxEdit Binary File Editor maybe it have a little problem but it's the only freeware I know Freeware
Diskdata *** Disk Analyzer. The best I found. Use it to see where is losed your space! Freeware


sites with a lot of programs: